Human nature makes us all unique. Our investment portfolios reflect this. There is much research, analysis, and experience that shows us that human nature must be taken into consideration when investing. Your own temperament and preferences need to be factored into your family savings strategy and your securities portfolio allocation.

The behavior of the overall market must also be understood. Sometimes we see a market rise beyond expectations because of investor euphoria. Some other market may drop much further than makes sense due to investors panicking. Despite all the data feeds, economic results, and professional number crunching, the global investment markets are still subject to human influence that may distort intrinsic values or logical business rules.

We do not get paid on a transaction or commission basis. Our fees are aligned with our clients’ interests: we get paid a percentage based on client assets so as a client account grows, so will our compensation — and consequently our compensation will drop if the client balance falls. See the link below for a description of our fiduciary standard: it can be summarized as a duty of loyalty and a duty of care towards our clients.

Our annual fees are clearly disclosed and agreed to in advance in our investment advisory contract (IAC) with you.

We work diligently to help you navigate the choices and decisions that all investors are constantly faced with: should you buy, sell, or continue holding this bond or that stock? Human nature intervenes in all these instances. Our decades of wealth management experience will help you save time and avoid potential investing pitfalls. Let us work to eliminate the daily market noise and bring you focused solutions that factor in your personal needs.

Just as people are different, our portfolios are different. Although we follow global market trends, use model portfolio guidelines, and monitor risk carefully, each family’s account is tailored in a way that satisfies your investment objectives and idiosyncrasies. In doing so, we often provide peace of mind to our clients because they usually have many other important matters that occupy their time (such as the family business or a philanthropic endeavor).

We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and our firm policy is that the client’s interests always come first. We are experienced professionals with integrity that provide balanced and responsible advice while maintaining all our client information confidential.

We have been impressed by the smart and effective solution that charity:water has brought to people in need in over two dozen countries. At charity:water they focus on certain communities in developing countries that either lack access to safe water sources or don’t have clean water to drink, cook, and wash with by providing them with modern fresh water wells. Having a well in or close to people’s homes also allows women more time to focus on education, agriculture, and their own businesses, as they are almost always the ones walking to distant water sources and carrying heavy loads back home. Water  is a critical natural resource and a fundamental element that we take for granted in our wasteful industrialized countries, and charity:water is helping to improve the lives of millions of human beings with their excellent work. We also love the fact that this innovative organization was founded and run by a dynamic fellow New Yorker.

Before working with us, please note that we like to meet you in person. We wish to ensure there is a good fit for us to dedicate our considerable daily work on your investment objectives for years to come. We require that you complete an investor risk profile questionnaire and our investment advisory contract. This includes several regulatory disclosures and policy notifications (such as our privacy policy). Let’s meet soon: get in touch with us!

Wherever you are in the journey of life, Alpha will be able to provide you with real solutions to your investment needs. There are benefits to working with a seasoned investment advisor. You should seek to profit from our knowledge and understanding of global markets and human nature.