Fee Only

Alpha earns compensation exclusively through the annual fee you pay us based on the investment assets we manage for you. We are a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA) and we do not receive any commissions for the work we do for our clients. Our only income is our annual fee, we don’t accept any other payments from clients or third-party service providers such as brokers or custodians.


Alpha receives an annual fee (paid quarterly in arrears) based on the assets in the accounts you have hired us to advise you on. Our fee is specified in the investment advisory contract (IAC) that must be completed in order to hire us and is a percentage of assets. This means that our fee will decline or rise as the total balance of your investment portfolio moves down or up. Obviously, you and us both prefer for your balances — and therefore our compensation — to grow.

We are not your financial institution: we are your independent investment advisor. Our clients pay commissions or additional fees directly and separately to the brokerage firms or banks where they have their accounts which they direct us to manage. Our clients may pay other fees and commissions directly and separately to their securities custodians as well.

Our clients choose to hire us on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis based on their needs and preferences. In either capacity, we are able to work efficiently with you and any other family advisors you may have.

Our fiduciary responsibility is of paramount importance to our clients. We have worked hard over more than three decades to maintain our pristine reputation and we are proud to be delivering for you, our client, on this sacred fiduciary duty every day.

We are not focused on a quick investment transaction but spend our days working hard to build strong lifelong relationships with our clients and their families. We continue to prize our independence, our code of ethics, and our fiduciary duty. Let us help address your financial questions with the attention and care you deserve. We always have time for you, just give us a call.

Please see our important fiduciary pledge here.