Alpha is here to provide you with solutions to your wealth management questions. Get in touch with us and benefit from our experienced investment advice. We are a fee-only SEC-registered investment advisor. We bring ideas and results to you and your family’s savings plans. You will benefit from disciplined portfolio management, clear communication, and excellent service. We want your investment portfolio to be a source of stability, not stress.

Alpha is open to help all investors. Sure, we have minimum balance requirements but no race, religion, gender, or other conditions. We work in several languages in order to accommodate non-US investors as much as our NYC neighbors. We believe women need as much investment advice as men. We are certain that investors from underbanked communities in the US can use our investment advice as much as international C-suite executives and IPO entrepreneurs. Reach out to us and let’s see how we can help you. At Alpha we reject any form of discrimination and enforce our code of ethics. Diverse opinions and diverse investments not only make for interesting conversations but also bring improved results. At Alpha we see richness in diversity.

Alpha works hard to deliver results. We are optimistic and positive people that enjoy providing a useful service to our clients. We have client relationships spanning decades and covering several family generations. We are neither naive nor dismissive but apply sound economic principles to analyze the most appropriate investments for each individual client. Our process involves understanding your investment needs and implementing a portfolio that achieves those objectives with clarity, discipline, and patience.

To become an Alpha client you must meet with us and make sure we can provide the investment advice you need. We are interested in your journey of success and achievement, your family makeup, and particularly your experience with the global securities markets. We ask you to complete a risk profile questionnaire (RPQ) and discuss the results with you to explain how the investment solutions we recommend must be appropriate for each person depending on all the aspects of their financial life. More risk does not always get investors higher returns, and we try to minimize risk while seeking to maximize returns.

Once you are comfortable with us and we both agree that working together is the best path forward, we sign an investment advisory contract (IAC) with you and begin implementing a strategy that will generate the income, growth, or a combination of income and growth for many years ahead. We are disciplined active investors that use indexing strategies and passive-asset funds. Our analysis has a modern value slant and follows business-cycle research along with an international perspective. If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to manage your own investment portfolio we are here to help. We sit side by side with you and explain our logic one step at a time. There is nothing that we do that can’t be explained in simple terms. We prefer to avoid using pretentious industry jargon in order to ensure we communicate clearly with you. This should be a source of comfort and peace of mind for you and your family.